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​Fire Safety Compliance Audits can save lives and are a component of Australian Standard AS1851:2012.


We can undertake a comprehensive audit of your property to determine any fire safety compliance and risk deficiencies:


Our third party audits are an assessment carried out to ensure compliance with publicly available specification, such as the Building Fire Safety Regulations, the National Construction Code and Australian Standards and makes sure your routine service provider is looking after your property

The audit is carried out by our fully lenience and qualified auditors so you have the piece of mind that your property is safe.


  • Inspection of all Essential Fire safety measures and paths of travel 

  • Verification that Essential Fire safety measures are being maintained to the required standards

  • Identify any Essential Fire safety measures that may not be getting maintained

  • Identification of adverse housekeeping issues

  • Identify Essential Fire safety measures listed on council’s schedule exist on your premises, and are correctly listed by council

  • confirm the Essential Fire Safety Measures can perform to the relevant Australian Standards and legislation

  • Inws Fire Safety team can also complete an assessment determine when the Essential Fire Safety Measures were installed in your building and research the performance standards that was applicable at the time.

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