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Operations support is a flexible management and auditing service that can be tailored to your suit your needs


Our contractor auditing solutions are completely flexible and tailored specifically for organisation’s needs. 


We appreciate that every property and property managers needs are different and therefore we build a bespoke service around your requirements to ensure it works for your business.

We take all the hassle and burden out of the administration and management of your contractors and ensure the supplier delivers their services to your expectations

Our clients trust us to manage their valuable assets so don't leave anything to chance, let INWS keep your buildings running smoothly and your contractors arriving on time.


INWS CMS will reduce the amount of time you spend on building maintenance and managing contractors, and gives you the ability to regulate maintenance contractors and associated costs.


The INWS team always take great care in ensuring your maintenance plan is  correct for your property and ensuring your contractors have the technology available to meet your expectations.

Also enjoy the benefit of having all of your valuable service reports and records in one simple easy to use cloud based portal.


Whether you’re a property owner or a building maintenance manager, setting up the right building maintenance schedule gives you full control over your maintenance operations.

INWS can set up your property routine service schedule to ensure all your general and preventative maintenance accessible in an easy to use format that all you service providers can use to complete your maintenance

INWS will establish you a bespoke maintenance solutions that suits your property and budget and is in line with applicable state requirements.

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Make sure you contractor turns up when required and completes the entire job.


INWS Contractor management system lets you  do just that.

Take back control of your facility and assets , our solutions help you to manage the upkeep of HVAC, electrical, fire, and plumbing systems, and make sure you’re facilities are up to code.

Our Contractor Management System provides you a real-time view across; Contractor Performance, KPI Monitoring, Induction Programs, Program Performance, Verification, Progress Tracking & Reports

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