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INWS can arrange or perform your 1/4 or Annual Smoke Management system performance testing and reporting


INWS can coordinate and facilitate your 1/4 and Annual Smoke Management System Testing.

The INWS dedicated testing team that can ensure that your property is inspected and tested in accordance against all statutory requirements.

A smoke control system consists of mechanical and electrical components which manage the movement of smoke within a building during a fire event. These systems are designed to keep smoke out of certain areas of the building to protect occupants and first responders when evacuating.

Smoke control systems vary from building to building depending on their age and construction, but are usually comprised of pressurisation fans and a series of ancillary devices like automatic door openers or a relay to disable the make-up air units. These devices are all connected to the fire panel and operate automatically when the system is in an alarm state.

Infusion Solutions team will ensure your contractors are performing  your maintenance services correctly as per design and Australian Standards 


The use of ventilation and air conditioning in buildings Fire and smoke control in buildings


Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment

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