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Ranger Series (Battery Powered RF Interconnected)

Ranger Series (Battery Powered RF Interconnected)

GST Included

The Ranger RF Smoke Alarm is powered by a non-replaceable 10-year rated lithium battery.


The alarm is fitted with a test/hush/silence button to facilitate testing of the alarm. The silence function also allows the alarm and alarm system to be silenced in the case of a false alarm.


This alarm can be used as a stand-alone alarm or can be connected with up to 40 alarms. This allows all smoke alarms connected to activate simultaneously.


RF compatibility with the Vulcan 240V smoke alarm with RF module.


  • 10-year 3V lithium battery
  • RF interconnectable with up to40 alarms on one wireless network
  • Indicator lights for test/hush/silence and fault warnings
  • Loud alarm – 85dB(A) @ 3m
  • CSIRO ActivFire listed
  • Meets Australian smoke alarm standards(AS3786:2014)
  • 7 year warranty
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